What happened in Derren Brown: How to Beat a Casino

Derren Brown entered a casino and headed to the roulette table. We all know that the roulette game is a game of chance. Nothing legal can influence the result of a single spin. He took the cash, converted into the chips and wagered on number 8. The saddest thing that happened was that "8 black" is a neighboring pocket to "30 red." And the ball Derren Brown - a master of confusion, but it's all boiled over a little and I personally think a lot of his stuff just falls apart too easily now as he is over-exposed. I don't think ending on this failure will help his act though personally: it's too obvious. Hopefully he won’t walk into a casino and start playing craps. sarah barry 18 November 2011. Dear Derren Brown, I have only ever seen the Experiments Game Show. Yesterday I went to an anti bullying presentation at my local secondary school. The school uses a system called Restorative Justice to deal with physical bullying. I think is great and shows good results with a face to face scenario Illusionist Derren Brown has posted a bizarre video on his website in which he pokes fun at himself for failing his latest TV stunt and says he "earns a living out of smug guess work. Get involved and help out other community members on the TSR forums: Derren Brown Failed There are two possibilities for his casino stunt - it was either real or fake. If it was fake, ie in a studio made to look like a casino, then Derren would NEED to lose, or else he would have to pay the "winnings" (£175,000) to Ben. To "lose" in such style, being just one number away, is extremely impressive.

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